Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Jerwood Open Forest

The Jerwood Open Forest is a new visual arts commission of £30,000 for work in the public forest estate managed by the Forestry Commission. This bid did not win but perhaps we can make it happen regardless.

My Jerwood Open Forest

Design and make super size sustainable superheros

Made from timber they would be giant 3d model kit Sculptures where assembling them is the first part of a fun process. This involves people in the activity and helps attract a crowd to see what’s going on. This could, but definitely wouldn’t be super squirrel! 
We have prototyped this one called Dino on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset to enable ROSPA to safety test the concept to be used as play equipment.

Dino the Big Kit Superhero prototype

Use them to attract people to the woods performing daring dos with their range of superpowers on the way

Working with Desperate Men we would assemble a superhero at an event or in a prominent place like a shopping centre. 
This Performance would attract and engage an audience with a wide social mix who will know the local area but might not regularly visit their woodland. Converting the crowd to become advocates, making a date to explore together how trees can help their community prosper.

Desperate Men

Making connections between where people live, work, play and learn and the forests that can replenish them

Asking those attracted to the super size sustainable superhero what they like about their area and what they wish for in the future. If they would like a little help they can ask their new super size friend using New Media to visit their community and make some of their dreams come true. This could be at their school, work or club but will be focused on how to connect with their local woodland and how to bring some of it back to their community.

Once at the forest it’s all fun, their quest for a better time complete they can return with untold riches and tall tales of daring dos

A connection with a local woodland made easier and more appealing especially to those not normally venturing onto a Forestry Commission site. They may be surprised there are no tweed police and their smart phone can tell them some cool secrets as they explore. This Smart Interpretation allows them to be creative as well as tap into the Local Artists work who were also inspired and rejuvenated by the place 

Now able to summon the return of their new Forest Heros, they can offer friends the secrets and spreading the word

Meet me here, it's fab and there's coffee and cake!’ Who knows, if enough ask there may be a super size sustainable superhero waiting around the next corner. ‘I never knew a forest was such fun and that it’s mine!’ If they are too far away why not wish for one closer? If enough people want a woodland next to their place perhaps some hero will help them plant one!

Story Telling Throne

Bird of Prey Viewpoint

This is an artistic vehicle enabling sculpture, performance and contemporary media to attract and stimulate more people in their woodland.

More information on the Jerwood Open Forest is here.

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