Monday, 16 September 2013

The Whole

Phase 1. Planning permission. Done!

Yes, after navigating our way through a changing planning system the perseverance has paid of with full detailed permission now granted to change the use from The Hole (former water storage reservoir) to The Whole (a private dwelling). 

I am delighted that we have already explored some new ideas during the first phase of The Whole project not least this little YouTube film making the planning application more accessible. It's difficult to know if this helped keep the objections to the permission down to the one but feel it is the type of tool that Localism should be about.

I first noticed the reservoir while working on a community bench with Culmstock school.

I will choose some of the problems we run into as R&D opportunities. With luck we can take at least one product to market and finding new alternatives for other similar buildings.

My attempt to paint the view of the South elevation with only partial success!

The use of a 'real' model helped work out the complex 3d problems with visual impact.

CAD was less successful although could in the future be the best tool for the job.

The West side of the hole showing the dividing wall on the left and the lovely columns.

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