Tuesday, 19 February 2013

3d Printing


Wanted: student or graduate with an interest in jewellery and talent for CAD. To initially work on an ALM jewellery project on a partnership basis. All details including pay by negotiation based on project objectives.

I will be at the Jobs and Internship Fair on Thursday 21st Feb at Exeter University.

It was while working with Metropolitan Works on our Big Kit play equipment project that I first noticed the potential for Rapid Prototyping particularly for jewellery.

More recently we have been encouraged by Bhaam to explore the potential for using medical CT and MRI scans to produce health promotion interpretation for doctors waiting rooms. The doctors of the Blackdown Hills have yet to be convinced to put anything new in their waiting rooms. So I will approach the hospitals who already use the technology. 

A fantastic day spent with the CALM team at Exeter University with others interested in the technology including demonstrations from some amazing kit. 

Although the EOS PEC machine at £1m is impressive it couldn't get me as excited as the £700 machines that can, with a few RS nuts and bolts, print a clone of itself when you need more capacity.

James at CALM also showed us how artists and creatives are pushing the boundaries including this fantastic example of Markus Kayser's Solar Sinter Project.

The next task is to find more collaborators who can help make our ideas technically feasible and refine some to take to market. CALM have already been very helpful and we are looking forward to working with Simpleware on the manipulation of medical scan files and we hope to find a partner from those working with precious metals soon. 

Funding for this next stage is a bit of a challenge. I'm tempted to ask the NHS for 1% of the savings made if they were to stop destroying patients digital scans but suspect the process to be tortuous and although worthy would mean we would never get anything made.
Anyone who knows a responsive area within NHS management I could approach do let me know.

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