Thursday, 20 November 2014

Landscape Protection

We have a planning process to protect the landscape from unacceptable buildings and inappropriate developments but it has always surprised me how some things like static caravan holiday parks, PV arrays, large round bales of hay, fields covered with plastic and fleece appear to be outside the system. If you work for an AONB, rely on visitors who value your local landscape or just love our countryside help me find manufacturers to collaborate with, invest in product development or bring your own skills to bear with me on these landscape problems.

Light reflects off plastic covering rows of forage maize in farmer Joe Foot's Dorset fields. He says the plastic was essential to ensure he grows enough food to feed his herd of 750 dairy cows this winter.

Far be it from me to ask for further legislation to stop these temporary eye sores so I am designing some simple alternative products to stop these intrusions on our beautiful landscape. The solutions need not be technically difficult or revolutionary but the big prize of helping tourism, local pride and general wellbeing achievable if we work together. My aim is to make the products self financing and be so logical that National Parks and AONB's will promote their use within their areas.

If you are an expert in agricultural fleece or plastics and would like to help re design these products please get in touch. 

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