Friday, 21 November 2014

Once a Car 

The coming together of an old 5 series BMW and a wooden shed. Once a Car will go some way to explore why a car is more friendly to use than a house. I need some help with the electrics and electronics, money of course would help make it happen much quicker.

A shed with electric windows and a good stereo would be nice but this will go further to ask why my house does not have central locking. 

The story; of Once a Car goes back to 2005 when I set up a hack at Hooke Park to see what was potentially useful in a scrap car. The new ELV regulations were just coming in and BMW had done a lot of the work to start designing cars for disassembly. After 9 years this challenge has still not been grasped so it's time for another push. 

Other blogs talked about some of these projects but this one is a blatant pitch. I hope to excite you enough to get involved.
I’m self employed and earn my income when an idea gets bought, or made, in some way or another. I often need input to make projects fly and always like to pay people a proper fee for it. Occasionally I have to ask for favours, but for the sort of things I'm posting here any investment in time or money could also be paid for with a share in a company and it's IP.
My motivation is as ever predominantly environmental.

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